About Us

Help My Neighbour is a volunteer-run non-profit online and off-line community, based out of Metro Vancouver, BC, Canada. Our members exchange support in a pay-it-forward manner, mediated by use of an alternative currency, called ComCoin (CC).

Help My Neighbour was created after years of research on social entrepreneurship, learning from successes and failures of other similar groups that currently exist in many countries. A federal registration of Help My Neighbour Society as a not-for-profit corporation has already been completed on October 22, 2014. In 2015 we will be looking for Directors to sit in our brand new Board of Directors.

Officially launched on December 1, 2014, at the beginning of the gift-giving Christmas season, Help My Nighbour is a gift to Canadian families and small businesses. Its main purpose is to help members connect within the context of the giving cheer, and to extend it all year round. Our community and structure are built to support members through their financial ups and downs, and to practice giving as a way of life. Of course, that is not possible without properly nurturing personal development and healthy relationships within the community.

Some of us (or at least our parents/grandparents) grew up in closely-connected communities, where neighbours helped each other unconditionally, as well as cellebrated together as often as they could. HMN community is attempting to replicate that type of small village supportive interaction, where people know each other's accomplishments and needs, and work together towards the common success of the group. Being a good neighbour takes some effort in today's individualistic, disconnected, scarcity based and money-driven society. Yet, we all have the resources to be good neighbours - as a way of life - and we all feel good about ourselves when we do so.

We fully embrace sustainability, and encourace members to focus primarily on interactions with local members and businesses, starting with their neighbourhood. This is especially important when the type of support involves exchange of goods or in-person services, because we try to eliminate any and all costs involved by shipping and driving.

Integration in a community of people who exchange resources and help each other is very beneficial to all members. Having a regular sense of contribution and belonging goes a long way for members who fight life alone. We all go through ups and downs in life, but not all at the same time. If we lock arms as a supportive group we can exchange timely mutual support and we can draw unthinkable enjoyment from collective cellebrations of individual successes we nurtured.

We protect the dignity and power of members who are going through hardship, by giving them a safe platform where they can also contribute to the community, while receiving help. No matter what life throws at us, we always have some remaining transferable skills and resources to help ourselves and others within the community. This is a totally different story compared to unilateral giving (like a church's benevolent fund), which although helping rescue the person for ther moment, feeds a sense of personal helplessness, dependence, and loss of dignity.

We promote and encourage human dignity at any stage in life, even though disability and unemployment. There is no separate categories of givers and receivers, and there is no "them" and "us". We are all in both categories, all the time. At any given time in life, we all have needs and limitations, as well as valuable resources we can share. That is the great equalizer among us, people, no matter what our cultural, social or economical status is.

Join our community with a clear commitment to interact with your neighbours in ways that promote dignity, healthy relationships, and positive exchanges. Feel free to let us know when you enjoy what is happening within our community, or when you think we can grow and become more efficient in helping each other. Lock arms with us, and let's navigate this boat in good waters, for the collective benefit of all our members.