Supervised Visitation Program

Our commitment to family health and wealth is further materialized in helping children stay connected with their parents. This increases their chance of growing into healthy, mature and successful individuals.

In our imperfect society many families experience divorce and separation, and children are often missing the love and presence of one parent. Sometimes this is due to protection issues, but many times they are just caught in the middle of custody battles between parents who can't stand each other.

Generally supervised access is very costly, and Parents can not self-refer to free services from Options or another agency that is contracted by MCFD. Help My Neighbour Society created a program for low income parents who are ordered by court to be supervised for any parenting time with their children.

To qualify for this program you need the following:

  1. Proof of low income
  2. Volunteers who will supervise your visits without charging, which gives you a discount of $30/hour.
  3. Your ex-spouse must agree with your plan of using those volunteers
  4. You must be able to pay for the training, monitoring and reporting service that a reputable supervision agency needs to provide for your volunteers. This way you would have the following financial advantages:
  • You are not paying for the Supervisor's fee, wich gives you a discount of $30/hour
  • You are not paying for Intake fee, which can be up to $250 eith other agencies
  • Your report and scheduling are included in the hourly fee of $40/hour, when other agencies charge higher rate per hour plus a separate fee for the report.
  • You will not have any GST added to your fees. (Supervised visitation services are GST-exempt according to CRA, yet many agencies unnecesarrily charge parents GST)
  • You will not have to pay any travel for your supervisors. Most agencies charge for supervisor's travel on top of the hourly fee and report, even if the supervisor lives very close to the visit's exchange location.

We provide supervision service in several languages: English, French, Punjaby, Hindi, Urdu, Mandarin, Cantonese, Korean, Tagalog, Spanish, Romanian, Russian, and still adding more languages. We cover supervision all over Metro-Vancouver and Fraser Valley, including: Surrey, Langley, Aldergrove, White Rock, Richmond, New Westminster, Burnaby, Vancouver, West Vancouver, North Vancouver, Port Moody, Port Coquitlam, Coquitlam, Maple Ridge, Mission, Abbotsford and Chilliwack. Other locations may be accomodated, as the need arises.

Most of our supervised visitation services are off-site, meaning we supervise visitation in the parent's home or in public places (parks, malls, restaurants, kids fun places, libraries, community centres, etc). If the family needs service in a neutral private facility, we rent space from a safe local organization, in which case the parent must cover that cost.

If you are unable to find suitable volunteers to be your supervisors, you can hire supervised visitation services at high standards and receive detailed professional reports from Access Family Services Inc. This agency is accredited with Better Business Bureau, and also pursuing COA accreditation - which is important since theere is no government monitoring for supervised access. AFS uses a flat fee which looks higher but actually makes the service more affordable for parents. That's because it includes the detailed professional report in the flat fee, and there is no other charge for the Intake (value of $250), and no GST. Travel cost is not added when the supervisor is in the same city where the exchange for visits is done. This makes the service more affordable to parents than other agencies who advertise lower hourly fee but charge separately for the report, supervisor's travel, and then apply GST on top of everything.