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Silly Kids Games

  Chubby Bunnies

This game is best played with children 6 and over. What you’ll need: lots of marshmallows


Messy Kids Games

Bobbing for Donuts


Classic Kids Games



Indoor Kids Games

Balloon Burst

In this game the kids will bop a balloon in the air while dancing to music. When the music stops whoever was the last person to touch the balloon must pop it and complete the challenge inside. The challenges should be fun and silly. Check out our list of kid dares (coming up) for a list of ideas.


Outdoor Kids Games

ABC Scavenger Hunt

This game is simple and fun. Divide kids into teams. Provide each team a bag to collect their items in. Put 20 minutes on the clock and let the teams race to find items that begin with each letter of the alphabet.


Event/Party DIY

Feel free to peruse our ever growing list of event/party DIY.

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Charity Events

Fundraising and volunteer management have their own special challenges, aside from everything else involved by event planning and management. We collected tools that are meant to make your job easier, and to bring your desired results within reach, but we can not make any guarantees for your overall success.

Make sure to consult with professionals before using any of our posted event planning tools, and to adjust them to your specific needs and goals.


Corporate Events

From small office events to large conferences, you can be more efficient if you know what you are doing, and you have suitable tools. Anyone can look like a very professional project manager, if their tools are created by professional planers, and worded in the right professional jargon.

Organizing an event means you must make sure all grounds are covvered, but you do not have to do everythng alone. Choose the tools that best fit you and your event, transform them to your liking, and plan to delegate a lot of the involved taskes.


Family Events

Whether it's a regular fun Friday night with your kids, a summer cap at home, or a larger family & friends gathering for a birthday party or an anniversary, we can always get more organized. The reward is more fun with less effort, more bang for your bucks. Use what best fits you at eah given time, and feel free to transform or create your own materials.


Party Planning

Use our posts as a guide for managing your own party, or just as a sounding board for your already developed party planning skills and experience. 

We copiled here many examples of organizers and planners available out there, and we keep adding as we come across more. Choose the one that really speaks to you, and feel free to modify it to your liking. We may even post versions that you create and want to share with our community.

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